UMDS Robotics

UltraModular / DeepSea - Solutions

We are a start-up team of three highly motivated engineers. Since 01.08.2019 our development project is funded by an EXIST start-up grant. In this project we develop highly modular equipment carriers. Our future products guarantee a high level of modularity and reliability, a reduction in costs and higher payload compared to systems established on the market.

Think in the new standard

The UMDS Container offers you a supporting and protective structure for your individual payload.

Configure individually with high reliability

UMDS Robotics allows any configuration. Perfectly adapted to your specific needs. The high degree of modularity enable redundant systems and thus increases the reliability.

operate more efficiently and safely

The UMDS pressure-tolerant drive-module with two thrusters and one motor-controller offers maximum thrust for your ROV.

Reduce your logistics costs

Complex configurations of UMDS containers can be disassembled into subassemblies for transport in a few steps and thus remain portable.

Integrate into a powerful network

Integrate your individual payload via intelligent interfaces into a powerful LAN. Back up your data in the data logger on board. In addition, use the onboard uninterruptible power supply (UPS), for peak power and emergency operation.

Our future Products offer Solutions for individual eqiupment carriers. Consistently pressure-tolerant.

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